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Life Enhancement Activities:
Information Sheets, Individual Consultation, Life Enhancement Groups

We offer these Life Enhancement Activities as possible supplements to our clients' work with EMDR. In some cases, people are interested soley in this activities. We are happy to give our clients Information Sheets to help them begin exploring these activities on their own. They are a wonderful blend of modern pursuits and ancient practices, some of them having existed for ages. All of them are valuable ways to enrich one's life. You may also decide to participate in a Life Enhancement Group or schedule an Individual Consultation Session where we can provide individualized guidance and feedback that can help you maximize your benefits from these experiences. Depending on the activity, we offer this consultation in-person or via e-mail.

Lifestyles in Cyberspace: The internet offers many opportunities for personal growth and fulfilling relationships. We offer our clients guidance in learning how to communicate effectively via e-mail, chat, and personal web pages. We help them find vocational, hobby, or support groups that will be valuable to them, as well as learn how to maximize their benefits from such groups. We encourage their exploration of cyberspace as a fascinating place to work and play.

Meditation: There are a wide variety of meditation techniques designed to cultivate relaxation, creativity, mental flexibility and concentration, and self-understanding. Some "guided" meditation techniques involve a focus on breathing, mental images, sounds, or body sensations. Others are more open-ended and intended to develop one's powers of awareness. We help clients discover what type of meditation works best for them and assist them in finding resources for developing their meditation practice.

Dreams: Exploring dreams is a fascinating way to discover solutions to problems, tap creativity, and understanding oneself. What do dreams mean? How does dream symbolism work? What is the significance of recurring dreams? For this Life Enhancement Activity, we address such questions. We offer a variety of techniques for remembering and effectively working with dreams, as well as a list of resources for exploring the world of dreams.

Vision Quest: In earlier cultures a method for gaining insight into oneself was the "Vision Quest" (a term associated with the Native American version of this practice). A person would go on such a quest when an answer to a problem was needed, as a rite of passage into adulthood, or simply out of a desire for self-discovery. The person typically wanders away from home, with no particular destination in mind, in order to think about one's life and search for a "sign" that would reveal an insight into oneself. This mixture of wandering, contemplation, and a "desire to discover" causes something to happen - an experience, an event, a "sign" of some kind that results in an important insight. For this Life Enhancement Activity, we provide guidelines for doing a shortened, contemporary version of the Vision Quest.

I Ching: For thousands of years, people have consulted this Taoist book for insights into their lives and the world aroundthem. Is there a question you have about work, relationships, a decision you have to make? For this Life Enhancement Activity, we instruct clients on how to use the I Ching to address life's many questions and navigate the changes that are coming around the bend.

Zen Stories: Classic Zen tales contain many pearls of wisdom about human nature and everyday life. Some probe deep into the essence of spirituality. In this Life Enhancement Activity, we encourage clients to explore these stories and share them with friends and family. Comparing interpretations of these intriguing tales can lead to wonderful insights into oneself and others.