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Therapeutic EMDR: Work individually with a trained EMDR clinician who can help you to clarify your goals, identify and strengthen your positive resources, and select your targets for EMDR reprocessing. Target selection for Therapeutic EMDR might involve some shocking event, a negative thought or feeling, or some distressing symptom.

Life Enhancement EMDR: Work individually with a trained EMDR clinician to attain a desired positive goal for improved functioning at work, school, or home. "EMDR for Clearing" helps remove barriers to forward movement, while "EMDR for Enhancement" helps you develop positive resources and peak performance. Strategic Envisioning techniques, which often are used in the world of sports and business, are an added feature that can help you optimize your performance and potential.

Adjunctive EMDR: Sometimes in traditional forms of therapy, clients making good progress can get stuck in some areas. After consulting with the therapist, we can design and apply short-term EMDR interventions that may help the client break through that impasse and continue moving forward in the therapy.

Consultation Group for EMDR Trained Clinicians: Clinicians who are level two trained in EMDR may participate in a consultation group at CenterPoint . This is an advanced group and also provides group consultation credit for clinicians wishing to become certified in EMDR.

Life Enhancement Activities: We have 20 years of experience in designing and facilitating Life Enhancement Activities. We offer our clients information sheets that help them begin these activities on their own. You may also decide to participate in a Life Enhancement Group or schedule an individual consultation session where we can provide individualized guidance and feedback that can help you maximize your benefits from these experiences. Depending on the activity, we offer this consultation in-person or via e-mail. For more information about these Life Enhancement Activities, click here.

Online Services: We offer several online services as supplements to our clients' in-person work with clinicians at CenterPoint. These services are intended to provide additional support and enhanced continuity in our clients' progress.
EMDR and Life Enhancement Resources: Our clients are given access to the section of web site that describes a variety of articles, discussion groups, videos, audio tapes, and other resources related to EMDR and life enhancement activities. This page is updated on a regular basis.

Lifestyles in Cyberspace: One of our Life Enhancement Activities involves helping clients explore the many opportunities for personal growth and fulfilling relationships that are available online. We offer our clients guidance in learning how to communicate effectively via e-mail, chat, and personal web pages. We help them find vocational, hobby, or support groups that will be valuable to them, as well as learn how to maximize their benefits from such groups. We encourage their exploration of cyberspace as a fascinating place to work and play.

Our Newsletter: Anyone is welcome to subscribe to our e-mail newsletter that contains updates about CenterPoint as well as articles about EMDR and life enhancement. If you're interested in subscribing, please let us know.