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The Central Bucks Network for Excellence in Mental Health Care

As members of the Network for Excellence in Mental Health Care, we dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of excellence in our profession as mental health care providers. We support the provision of state of the art mental health services in our local area and dedicate ourselves to educating consumers and other professionals about the importance of the following principles of excellence:
Excellence requires extensive training in the field of mental health and a life-long commitment to continuing education.

Excellence is shown by the delivery of all mental health services in a humane, respectful and ethical manner. The clinician performs with integrity and professional conduct at all times.

Excellence involves a willingness to seek out consultation from other clinicians on difficult or specialized problems.

Excellence means sharing the wisdom gained through training, research and experience to contribute to the education of other mental health professionals and the general public.

Excellence involves seeking to improve the life of the community as a whole and supporting other mental health care professionals in providing care for the community.